Uppsala, June 14–15, 2023

The project team and an exciting group of invited speakers will be meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, for a two day symposium based around the project's core themes of aesthetic cognitivism, empirical aesthetics, and the nature of art criticism.


The symposium takes place in Uppsala university's English Park campus over two days, with a day and half of research presentations, and with the final afternoon devoted to an public event on Criticism in Society at the campus Humanities Theatre. For more information about Criticism in Society, please go to the separate event page

Confirmed symposiasts

Hannah Kim

Macalaster College, Minnesota, US

David Davies

McGill University, Canada

Eileen John

Warwick University, UK

Andrew Huddleston

Warwick University, UK

Ryan Doran

Barcelona University, Spain

Maria José Alcarez Léon

University of Murcia, Spain

Nils-Hennes Stear

Hamburg University, Germany

Rebecca Wallbank

Uppsala University, Sweden 

Vid Simoniti

University of Liverpool, UK

Elisabeth Schellekens

Uppsala University, Sweden

John Gibson

University of Louisville, Kentucky, US

Guy Dammann

Uppsala University, Sweden

Symposium schedule