Knowledge, Perception, and the Prospects of Criticism


Uppsala, June 14–15, 2023

The project team and an exciting group of invited speakers will be meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, for a two day symposium based around the project's core themes of aesthetic cognitivism, empirical aesthetics, and the nature of art criticism. 

Recorded events

Criticism in Society

Live panel discussions recorded on 15 June 2023.

with Lucy Dallas (TLS), Madelaine Levy (Svenska Dagbladet), Thomas Michelsen (Politiken), Victor Malm (Expressen), Abigail Reynolds (Artist), David Davies (McGill University), Mårten Arndtzén (Sveriges Radio), Tzachi Zamir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Guy Dammann (Uppsala University), Åsa Wikforss (Swedish Academy), & Anna Foka (Centre for Digital Humanities, Uppsala).

Eileen John reflects on her experience adapting her expertise as a philosopher of art to the practice of writing an exhibition review, 4 May 2023.
Ole Martin Skilleås discusses the role of expertise in our aesthetic experience of wine, 20 April 2023.
John Haldane discusses the aesthetic implications of changes in art education, 23 March 2023 
Irene Martinez Marin discusses the idea of Art Collections as objects of aesthetic apprecation, 2 March 2023
Alex Ross discusses his work as music critic of the New Yorker magazine, 9 February 2023
Andrew Huddleston examines the question of whether Mark Rothko's abstract works can be understood as religious paintings, 17 January 2023
Anna Foka discusses the uses of artificial intelligence in cultural heritage, 1 December 2022
Jonathan Neufeld discusses the concept of Aesthetic Civil Disobedience, 26 October 2022
Laura Cumming sheds light on the philosophical questions informing her work as the Observer's art critic, 13 October 2022
Rob Chodat on expertise and encounter in literary criticism, 19 September 2022
Noel Carroll on the practice and philosophy of criticism, 1 September 2022
Tzachi Zamir on Milton and Philosophy, 28 June 2022
Guy Dammann on Aesthetics and criticism, 31 May 2022
Project kickstart meeting, 13 May 2022